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Tracy Wilkison

California, Central District
First Assistant United States Attorney
Tracy Wilkison is the First Assistant United States Attorney for the Central District of California; she is the top career prosecutor in the district and supervises all four litigating divisions of the office. She previously served as the Executive Assistant United States attorney, supervising the administration and operations of the Office.

Prior to joining senior management, Ms. Wilkison was the Chief of the Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes Section within the National Security Division of the United States Attorney’s Office. In that position, Ms. Wilkison prosecuted federal cyber crimes arising from computer hacking, Internet fraud, identity theft, cyber stalking, Internet piracy, theft of trade secrets, and the sale of counterfeited trademarked or copyrighted goods. She has prosecuted several high-profile cyber cases, including a case against a sextortionist who victimized hundreds of young women and who was referred to by the judge as a “sexual cyber terrorist,” cases involving the use of malware to gain access to the computers of well-known companies and celebrities, and a case wherein extremely valuable trade secrets were stolen and distributed to competitors. She also led the team in the Apple litigation following the San Bernardino terrorist attack, and supervised the team investigating the Sony cyber attack.

During her 19-year tenure in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Ms. Wilkison has also been a Deputy Chief of the General Crimes Section, where she trained new prosecutors, as well as a member of the Narcotics Section, where she prosecuted large-scale drug trafficking cases.