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Kenneth G. Hartman

Associate Director - Cloud Products Security


Kenneth G. Hartman is a security engineering leader in Silicon Valley. Ken's motto is "I help my clients earn and maintain the trust of their customers." Ken is an Instructor for the SEC545 Cloud Security Operations course offered by the SANS Institute. Ken has worked for a variety of Cloud Service Providers in Security Architecture, Engineering, Compliance, and Security Product Management roles.  From 2002- 2011, Ken helped launch and lead a company called Visonex into a profitable, nation-wide dialysis- specific electronic medical record using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. Ken holds a BS Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and a Masters Degree in Information Security Engineering from SANS Technology Institute. Ken has earned the CISSP, as well as multiple GIAC security certifications, including the GIAC Security Expert.


“Many decision makers have a natural distrust of cloud computing. When pressed, the reasons typically pertain to concerns about data protection in the cloud. There is also a tremendous amount of hype around topics like BYOK that create additional confusion. My talk on “Data Protection in the Public Cloud—a Look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” validates some of those concerns, discusses some horror stories about when things go wrong, but also shows how some cloud providers are building trustworthiness into the service they provide.”